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By F Guzzardi

“Poison Makers”, trhiller del 2011 edito da
 Hoffman House press, (edizione in Inglese) e` il racconto magistralmente scritto e orchestrato da Jimmy Olsen. Un racconto ambientato nei Caraibi, con  zombi, riti woodoo e misteriosi intrighi.
Un libro con tutti gli ingredianti necessari ad attivare la nostra fantasia per riprodurre in immagini, le rocambolesche avventure di Edgar Espinosane – Jones  (EJ).
Una storia che,pur rimanendo nel genere “noir”, sa suscitare emozioni ed anche qualche risata.
EJ accetta un incarico dal suo enigmatico mentore Garrett Yancy per indagare sulla  morte sospetta  dell’ambasciatore degli Stati Uniti nella Repubblica Dominicana, Adam Quist.Molto presto si trovera` suo malgrado coinvolto in misteri che lo costringeranno a difendersi per non morire. 
Poison Makers è tutt’altro che il solito mistero. Ambientato nei Caraibi degli anni 70, con intrighi politici, rivoluzionari,superstizioni,violenza e storie d’amore.Il protagonista, con l’aiuto del suo migliore amico, un poliziotto domenicano un po` imbranato, si trovera`diviso tra la razionalità (dominicano / americano) e la superstizione per risolvere il mistero  a qualunque costo.Con un finale sopprendente ed inaspettato….. nel pieno stile Jimmy Olsen.


Image of Jimmy Olsen  Jimmy Olsen  didn’t start writing fiction until he was well past 40. In the tradition of American writers like Jack London and Louis L’Amour, Olsen spent much of his life seeking adventure. He began scuba diving in 1961 at age 13 and continues today. A machine-gunner in Vietnam, after two tours he settled down awhile, married, started a family and graduated college with a BS in English. Still at college, he published his first national story in a diving magazine. A year later he moved his family to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic where he taught at a private American school and started the Republic’s first professional diving school, Scuba Dominican, C por A. Hearing rumors of shipwrecks and gold, Olsen and a small group of adventurers discovered the site of the French Man-O-War Imperial and several other vessels. After five years in the Caribbean, Olsen completed his MA at the University of Alabama and returned to writing, taking a job with a daily newspaper in Athens, Alabama for a year before becoming an editor back home in Minnesota. This lasted four years before the thirst for adventure overtook him again and he was back in the diving business, traveling to dive destinations from the Caribbean to the South Pacific. The snorkeling scene in Thing In Ditches comes directly from the author’s own rich experiences. Jimmy Olsen has written two additional novels, Scuba, due to be released next year and YR-71, a Vietnam seafaring adventure set near Da Nang. In addition, he’s completed 20 short stories, some set in his native Minnesota and others from around the globe. Several of these have recently been sold and will soon be in print. Olsen continues to travel extensively, returning to the Dominican Republic to dive his old haunts only hours before Hurricane Georges. Equally at home at the keyboard of a computer or his ancient Royal, Olsen spends his writing days in a north woods setting without even the basic comforts such as running water or electricity and at his modern office in the city. He has three children, now grown, and lives with his wife in Minnesota.

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